Le Moc' en Veau Velours - Bleu Nuit

by J.M. WestonParis

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Mocassin souple, tige en veau velours finition cachemire et bord à cheval en veau box. Renforts intérieurs abaissés, talon abaissé, contrefort relevé. Semelle en cuir avec inserts gomme arrasants.

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A traditional shoemaker, J.M. Weston is known worldwide for its iconic moccasins, worn by all generations, regardless of changing styles and periods. J.M. Weston shoes embody French elegance, that timeless and well-designed style which eschews artificiality and follows clear codes. Its precious know-how is perpetuated in Limoges, in its factory founded in 1891, guided by the principle of passing on and perpetuating its timeless skills. Classified as a ‘Living Heritage Enterprise’, the Manufacture J.M. Weston is one of the key references in the world of men’s shoes. Each J.M. Weston shoe embodies the input of the craftsmen and craftswomen who have worked on it, leaving their imprint on each model in the course of the 150 manual operations it requires in the factory. Each shoe is thus produced in accordance with the purest tradition, like Goodyear welt or Norwegian welt. Michel Perry has been artistic director of J.M. Weston since 2001.